Cheddar Pocket is out to re-claim the lost art form of means accessories. Drawing heavily from great Australian characters of yesteryear. Cheddar Pocket introduces a range of slim and affordable men’s wallets made with 100% premium leather.


The Farah brand was born in the 1920s but it was not until the 1970s in the UK that it reached the cult status it holds today. Farah still holds the heritage and vigour it stood for then. A whole new generation of men throughout the world are drawn to the brand’s history and inspired to rediscover the distinct look for themselves.


NEUW was founded by three friends. Swede Par Lundqvist and Australians’ Stephen Little and Richard Bell. All have the same motivation; to create a premium, independent denim brand.


Comune was formed from the idea that there will always be people out there who not only embrace the rawness and imperfections of every day life but use it to creatively push the boundaries of what’s possible in skateboarding, fashion, art, and music their own way, with complete disregard of the consequences